About us

Thanks for your interest in the Urban Church Ministries, first of all I would like to say that the Urban Church doesn’t belong to me, but we do believe that this is the vision for all those who profess the name of Jesus, for we have been called to be the Salt of earth and the Light of the world. For while we  just have articles in Portuguese and we are planning in a near future to have articles in both languages, you can also visit a website of a friend and brother in Christ, on their website Catalyst Space .In case you can read Portuguese feel free to read, comment and just to send a word of encouragement. Doing that you will be able to know a little bit more about this project named Urban Church, also if you feel in your heart to support us financially just drop a note over here on the webpage,  just send an email to prcarlos@mail.com

Pr. Carlos Rizzon

Eph 6:6 Not with eye seruice as men pleasers, but as the seruants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart:

“Not with eye seruice as men pleasers, but as the seruants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart:”Eph 6:6



We are a Kingdom Centered ministries and for that we want to be a cozy community, that by its way of living fall into the grace of people, a “church” with no preconception of any kind nor barriers, that in a warm relationship live in an atmosphere of harmony, love and joy – receiving the new Christian as well the unchristian with happiness. For that we would like to be connected with our time, I mean, “plugged into the world”, so we can carry the message of the gospel in an effective way. In order to do that with need to get to know it through relationships, if we really want to reach them, sharing God’s love in a contextualized way. (1Corinthians 9:22)


Connecting lives, building relationships!

Declaration of Purpose

The URBAN CHURCH does exists for you to connect to the family of God, to create relationship through the URBAN GROUPS, to promote healthy spiritual growth, taking you to understand the God’s purpose to your life and to live a missional living to fulfill the great commission (Mathew 28:19).

Our website, Logo and slogan says a lot about us and what we do believe.

The Name Urban Church

There is no way of keep believing that we were saved to be in between four walls. Also we believe that we must honor God entirely 24/7, not only when we are in the “church”. We have to be the church even though we are not in the “church”, also we believe that we are to be a channel through which God shows himself to the world, that’s why the name Urban Church — A Church connected with the city to reveals God’s glory to everyone through a worship lifestyle John 4:23.

The Puzzle

Well, the puzzle pictures ourselves ! We are all broken icons, and definitely we need each other. Different people trying to get connected to the body of Christ, and to each other with the help of the Holy Spirit so we are to connect people, building relationships. Multiplying ourselves through the Urban Groups, these are relational groups. This is one of our main strategies to reach out people, and just like Jesus we would like to be friends of “publicans and sinners”. For that we would like to minister salvation through our personal testimony and relationship, expressing love, availability and other qualities that are inherent of a healthy friendship, in order to do so, we will plant a seed of the kingdom in each heart, till the time of harvest. At the Urban Groups people will also been able to listen God’s word in a familiar environment without all formality of a temple and start a relationship with each other as well with Jesus, growing up in faith.

The Slogan (The called out ones)

For those acquainted with the Greek biblical language (Koiné), knows that the word Church, It is translated from the original Greek word Ekklesia and means “called out ones”—from ek (out), and klesia (called). The Greek word means “a calling out” to meet together, especially as a religious congregation. It does not mean a building, as commonly assumed today, and we all know that nowadays things got out of hand at the institution called church and instead of  been part of the “great comission” we are more to be part of the “great omission” and more of having a fancy building, cool A/C, cushioned seats, Media projector in order to grab their attention and bring them together, so what should be “Go, yetherefore” is more of like “Come to us”.

Ps. There is no problem at all in having nor using all this, but this can’t be the main focus cause he has given to us the the word of reconciliation. (II Corinthians 5:19)

May God Bless us

Pr. Carlos Rizzon


Carlos was born in 09/28/1965, He is a follower of Jesus,Husband, Musician, Bass player, philosopher autodidact, preacher and a Pastor. He was raised in Belo Horizonte, MG. He is married with Valeria and they are about to complete 14 years of marriage in December and has no kids, not just yet. He was raised in a Christian home and has been been following the Lord since his childhood. At the age of 33, he moved to US and fixed the residence in Miami Beach. After 3 to 4 years of living in the US they heard about a Theological Seminary that was about to start at the Brazilian Church in Pompano Beach, also in Florida then they moved to Deerfield Beach, that was much close to him to attend the seminary. They also had a chance to work with Family Foundations, a Christian organization and to be the first Brazilian couple to be trained as coordinator in US by Pr. Craig Hill. They served voluntarily for almost 6 years doing the Ancient Paths seminars. After almost ten years Praying, my wife and I decided to get back to Brazil. After getting in Brazil we put this website on air that means Urban Church. Thanks for reading this and remember to be praying for us.

If you feel like emailing us here is the address:



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